Avril Lavigne “Alice Underground” (1st Single)

Avril Lavigne “Alice Underground” (1st Single)

Avril Lavigne Alice Underground (1st Single)

Avril’s first single from her 4th record is titled “Alice Underground” and will also serves as a single for Tim Burton’s Disney film ‘Alice in Wonderland’, out on March 5th.

From Variety.com, with an article on how Disney is holding on to the soundtrack formula to sell records and will be behind this song when it’s out. Avril’s biggest fansite confirmed it as the first single too.

Attracting marquee crooners. Much like penning the opening song for a James Bond film, top-shelf performers savor the opportunity to write a Disney tune. In March, the studio will throw its weight behind Avril Lavigne’s Alice Underground; from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland,as well as Daft Punk’s sonic Tron Legacy score in December.

Expect a new Avril Lavigne album this Spring/Summer.


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