Bob Seger burglar arrested

Bob Seger burglar arrested

Bob Seger’s burglar has been caught and arrested.

Last August, the daughter of Bob Seger had a party at the family home. When all was done, cash and other items were missing, including the 1978 Les Paul guitar that Seger is holding on the cover of his Greatest Hits album.

On Tuesday, 20-year-old Andrew D. Thompson, a close friend of the family, was arrested and charged with the burglary. According to police sources, it is believed that Thompson attended the small gathering and broke back into the house after it was over to take the items.

Darrell Betts of the Orchard Lake Police said of the guitar ‘It mysteriously showed up right after I talked to him, but he denied he took it. That was my main goal, getting that guitar back. . It’s priceless.’

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