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Product Information, Audio Previews, Reviews and More On:
Fiction Family – Fiction Family

“On paper, the combination of Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek’s Sean Watkins seems improbable—and risky. But as Fiction Family, the two San Diego musicians find plenty of sonic common ground and, most important, a dozen richly crafted and intriguingly rendered songs. “When She’s Near” and “Out of Order” kick off “Fiction Family” on a trippy note, establishing the duo’s airy harmonies and the latter driven by a rolling rhythm and finished with a swirling, psychedelic electric guitar solo. Offbeat sound effects and loops color several of the songs, but the strong songwriting is Fiction Family’s foundation, and nowhere is that heard better than on the heaven-seeking “Closer Than You Think” but also in the ambient anthemry of “We Ride,” the layered rootsiness of “Elements Combined,” the plaintive romanticism of “Not Sure and” the plucky ragtime flavor of “Look For My Baby.” Foreman and Watkins are surely brothers in arms, which makes this partnership a fully functional “Family.” —Gary Graff”

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