Hilary Duff Chats About Her New Book, Her Dream Wedding & Her First Dance Drama

Hilary Duff Chats About Her New Book, Her Dream Wedding & Her First Dance Drama

Hilary Duff wed Canadian NHL star Mike Comrie on August 14, and the former Disney darling paid a visit to Access Hollywood Live to share many of the details of her big day, as well as discuss her new novel, “Elixir.”

“The best moment [of our wedding] was definitely standing there and saying our vows,” Hilary told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Thursday. “It was so special — I was shaking.

“I wasn’t like, nervous, thinking I was doing the wrong thing, I was just nervous,” Hilary explained. “The whole situation is scary and so intense. But it was amazing… It sounds so cheeseball, but we got to look into each other’s eyes,” she added.

Despite being a rough ‘n’ tumble hockey player, Hilary’s groom experienced misty eyes during their vows – but it was Mike’s best friend who brought the waterworks.

“[Mike and I] kept it together, but we both [had] pretty watery [eyes],” Hilary told Billy and Kit. “[Mike’s] best friend is in perfect sight of me and he’s crying and I’m like, ‘Hey, buddy! Knock it off! You’re gonna help me lose it!’”

Though Mike may have “held it together,” Hilary describes the look on his face as she walked down the aisle as “so cute.”

“I watched our [wedding] video actually and he just has the biggest smile on his face,” Hilary beamed. “He looks really proud.”

The dashing duo took to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife to the sound of Benny King’s classic, “Stand By Me” – but the moment didn’t exactly go as planned.

“I made [Mike] take a dance class…maybe two,” Hilary laughed. “He was so mad at me! He was like, ‘We’re just gonna go knock it out- we’re gonna kill it. We don’t need a dance class!’

“I’m like, ‘You need a dance class. You don’t understand!’” Hilary continued. “Then, [on the day of the wedding], my dress is so tight that once we’re making our way onto the floor and I’m like, ‘Hey — change of plans. We’re just gonna sway back and forth like middle school days. No dancing.’ And he’s like, ‘You made me practice for four hours! I’m doing the dance!’

“We’re having this full-on bickering fight before we go on and we’re just smiling, and I’m like, ‘Don’t turn me around!’” Hilary laughed.

Although she’s still basking in wedded bliss, the 23-year-old star recently conquered a new career goal – writing her first novel, “Elixir” (available in stores now).

“It took about a year to write the book,” Hilary told Billy and Kit. “About six months before that, I was getting the itch to do something new… I met a few of the right people and they were like, ‘If you want to write a book and you have ideas, let’s do it!’”

While Hilary is still hard at work as an actress (she is currently shooting “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde” film, with Kevin Zegers and Thora Birch), she admits that being an author has its perks.

“[Writing] is such a different process,” she said. “I really got to be home and with my dogs [instead of] preparing for performing in front of thousands of people. It was really great.”

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