Song Placements Creates Profitable Synergy Between Labels and Artists

Song Placements Creates Profitable Synergy Between Labels and Artists

Labels and artists benefit mutually from independent A&R company.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) November 2, 2009 –- Song Placements ( continues to cement its reputation as the premiere, independent music promotion and placement company in Southern California as it fills the gap created by record labels in order to promote independent bands on the rise.

It’s no secret to anyone that the industry has changed in a revolutionary fashion that continues to challenge record labels both creatively and financially. Independent and major labels alike have scaled their operations back thanks to the changes in the industry but also in part to the economic crisis. Both events have forced many cutbacks in various departments with A&R and Distribution taking a heavier hit. Song Placements has stepped in as an independent A&R group that assists record labels in finding new, potential chart-topping artists and independent artists in achieving their goals.

Song Placements ( helps independent artists establish themselves professionally by promoting and placing their music in film, television, radio and other outlets. As these artists grow, Song Placements filters them to different record labels, which are looking to expand their rosters. This is a mutual benefit for independent artists and record labels as the company expands opportunities for artists while creating a new talent pool for labels to dip into.

“It’s no surprise that we start a national tour in the wake of our song ‘I Am the Ghost’ being featured in the 2009 movie release of ‘The Crypt,’” says vocalist/guitarist Matt Hutchison of Baltimore-based Fools & Horses. “Our iTunes sales have increased dramatically and our fan base is ballooning out into markets we had never anticipated. All our thanks belong to the folks behind the scenes at Song Placements. They’re top notch!”

About Song Placements

Song Placements is the leading, independent promotion and placement agency in Southern California. Founded in 2006, Song Placements offers independent artists with the resources necessary to connect with top industry executives and provides services ranging from radio and concert promotions to TV, film and video game placements.

If you’d like more information about Song Placements, please contact our A&R Department at (323) 230-5647 or email [email protected]

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