Taylor Swift and Susan Boyle outsell Michael Jackson

Taylor Swift and Susan Boyle outsell Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson officially sold 228,000 copies of the new album Michael, a relatively impressive total in the current marketplace but not enough to beat out Taylor Swift or Susan Boyle.

Jackson opens at number three on the Album chart that will be published tomorrow. Swift moves back to number 1 with sales of 259,000 copies while Boyle drops to number 2 with 254,000.

Michael fails to get first week sales as strong as the This Is It soundtrack from last year which opened at number 1 with 373,000 copies sold. That album, however, was essentially a greatest hits set that also came out during the huge sales spike after Jackson’s death.

Album sales for the week were 12.5 million units, up just 3% from last week. Sales for the year are at 303.94 million, down 13% from the same period in 2009.

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