will.i.am: Mom loved Whitney

will.i.am: Mom loved Whitney

will.i.am says his mother loved meeting Whitney Houston.

The musician has recalled working with the soul diva, who passed away earlier this year.

Will told Whitney that she reminded him of his mother because of her grace and good manners, so she asked to meet his mom to see their similarities.

‘When I was working with Whitney Houston. she reminded me of my mom, just how graceful and polite she was. I told Whitney this and she said: ‘Let me see the proof of that, you should bring her down!’ I called up and said: ‘Ma, get your butt down to my house this minute! Whitney Houston wants to see you so she can see your personality!’ She loved Whitney,’ he told British newspaper The Guardian.

Will also spoke about his future in music.

The star revealed that while he wants to remain relevant in popular culture, he is eager to move into the technology and science sectors.

Will is known for his interest in these areas and would love to be remembered for more than producing great party tunes.

‘I know I will be [in music] 20 years from now. But it won’t be the only thing I’m doing. These days, it’s science and technology that I think about most. Every day for four years I’ve thought about making products, or doing something in the social connectivity world and I’m looking for code writers at the moment to realise this. I wanna go back to school and take a computer science class,’ he said. ‘I’m planning the next 20 years. I wanna still be relevant in popular culture but it ain’t gonna be for music. I don’t wanna be like, ‘Remember this song! [Sings] I gotta feeling!’ I don’t want to be doing this when I’m 57!’

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